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Why does my dog smell?

There are many reasons why your pet may have a bad odor,the important thing is not to ignore the problem. Here are some reasons that can cause it

  • Mouth Odors

    It is normal for your pet to have bad breath, but it can get worse for several reasons, the most common is infection.
    Some others could be kidney disease or diabetes that affect your pet internally and are warning signs.

  • Ear Infections

    Bacterial ear infections are also a frequent problem for dogs, and they tend to smell worse than yeast infections.

  • Anal Sacs

    If your dog's anal sacs are impacted, you'll definitely notice a potent, in-your-face odor to their fur. You may also notice them scooting their bottom on the carpet. Impacted anal sacs require a vet visit.

  • Allergies

    Just like people, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, whether it's pollen, dust or mold. In rarer case, they may have food allergies. Bathing your pet will help soothe their itching and pamper their irritated skin.